Healthy Lunch Bowls @ Dual Cafe

Find affordable, healthy and delicious customizable lunch bowls for only S$6.90++ here at Dual Cafe along Arab Street! I would certainly come here everyday if they were located closer to my workplace. With the wide variety of fresh ingredients to choose from and the many different of combinations you could create, you’d never get sick of eating these lunch bowls!

You can pick one base, one protein and up to four toppings! Make sure to get additional sauce (for free) because it adds so much flavour! If you’re having trouble trying to figure out what combinations to pick, here are some of the bowls we had to give you some inspiration:

For the first bowl we had the Mashed Sweet Potato, Dijon Chicken Thigh, Sous Vide Egg, Sweet Vinaigrette Onions, and Cherry Tomatoes. The mashed sweet potato is one of my favourate bases to choose as it adds a slight sweetness with every scoop. The chicken was well cooked and was very tender.

For the second bowl we had the Soba Noodles, Braised Pork Belly, Sous Vide Egg, Mushroom Medley, Pickled Beetroot, and Steamed Broccoli. This bowl had a kind of Japanese vibe because of the noodles and pork belly. The pork belly was really tender and each layer peeled off easily. You would expect the broccoli to be really plain, but I never noticed it since all the other toppings were so delicious, especially when it was soaked in the sauce. The mushrooms also added a chewy element which gave the bowl a different texture.

For our final bowl, we went with Organic Brown Rice, Mirin Salmon, Sous Vide Egg, Corn, Roasted Potatoes, and Edamame. If you haven’t noticed by now, we are big fans of eggs! Pouring the mirin sauce into the rice may cause it to be a little soggy, but I loved it! The salmon was cooked perfectly. I was actually surprised when I finished the entire bowl, because I usually dislike corn and I don’t normally eat edamame. It was too delicious to leave anything behind!

Matcha Expresso (Back), Blissful Berries (Middle), Refreshing Mojo (Front)

For the drinks, we ordered the Matcha Expresso, Blissful Berries and the Refreshing Mojo. My friend loved the Mocha Expresso, so much so that she ordered the same drink when she came back to the cafe. It’s a matcha beverage which also had a hint of coffee. Best of both worlds. I personally liked the Blissful Berries. It was refreshing and it was still sweet even though the ice had melted. The Refreshing Mojo was refreshing, but not really our type of beverage, but if you like mint, you might like this drink!

For the finale, we had the tiramisu. I HIGHLY recommend trying this if you feel like you need a little sweet treat after you are done with your lunch bowls. I love the different textures between the soft cream and spongy chocolate cake. The coffee beans also added a burst of coffee flavour when you bite into it. The perfect end to an amazing meal!

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