Things are heating up @ Spicy Rock

Calling all Spicy Food lovers! If you find thrill and enjoyment eating super spicy food, then this bowl of ramen is the perfect dish for you! The noodles were super Q and springy. The texture was amazing! The first few seconds after my first slurp of the ramen seemed fine, but following was an ever increasing feeling of heat and spice in my throat and mouth. Despite this fire growing within my gob, I could still say that the broth was very delicious.

Super Spicy Ramen ($15.80)

Next, we had the Spicy Rock Chicken Cheese Square Hot-Pot. We all know that melted cheese goes amazingly well with spicy Korean food. That is why we had to get this, and I recommend that you get it to!

Spicy Rock Chicken Cheese Square Hot-Pot ($35.80)

The hot pot was served atop a gas stove and two bowls of their special miso sauce and cheese, which you can pour in yourself when you are ready for it to start cooking. There is just something so satisfying to watch the broth bubbling and the cheese melt. This, for me, although not as spicy as the ramen, was still pretty hot. I was told that the staff added extra chili in it to make it more spicy for us. So for people with high spice tolerance, feel free to call on the staff if you find that it isn’t spicy enough for you. This hot pot is great for sharing between 2 to 3 people.

Placing the candy floss on top of the steak

One of the more unique dishes we had was the Cotton Candy Floss Beef Steak. The Beef Steak was served on top of a mini stone stove, and the staff brought along the candy floss. That’s right! Just like it’s name, they are using actual candy floss. It was held over the steak by the staff, and steak sauce is then poured on top, melting the candy floss.

After majority of the candy floss melted
When the candy floss fully melted

The steak was actually my favourite dish, it was cooked perfectly and is very tender. The sauteed onions and the candy floss added a sweet touch to the sauce, which accentuated the beef.

Mentaiko Omu ($13.80)

Finally, we also had the Mentaiko Omu Rice. If you love curry rice, you will love this. The curry was delicious and spicy, while the egg on top of the fluffy rice was silky.

The restaurant may not be as accessible if you’re intending on driving. However, it is extremely convenient if you are taking the MRT. Alighting at City Hall station, it is a mere 5min walk away!

Spicy Rock
Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Rd, B2-51,
Singapore 178905
Tel: +65 6243 6700
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 1pm (Daily)

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