[NEW] Kei Kaisendon @ Triple One Somerset

Kei Kaisendon

Kei Kaisendon has officially opened its seventh outlet in Triple One Somerset. It is really convenient to get to since it is only a few minutes walk from Somerset Station. We were fortunate to try out some of their dishes during their soft launch.

Kei Signature Kaisendon

It’s always such a pleasure to visit Kei Kaisendon because you get these amazing colourful kaisendons with a mountain of fresh sashimi.

Hotate Kaisendon

Most of the kaisendons are made using the same ingredients except the main ingredient such as the Hotate Scallops or the Ebi Mentaiko.

Ebi Mentaiyaki Kaisendon

For the sides, we ordered the Ebi Mentaiko, the Homemade Tamago Mentai and the Tobiko Onsen Egg. We were treated with a fire show as we watched the chef blow torch the mentaiko sauce atop the prawn and tamago. The same ebi mentaiko was used for the Ebi Mentaiyaki Kaisendon.

Blow torching the Ebi Mentaiko

The bottom of the Ebi Mentaiko was raw while the top was perfectly charred. Together with the ebiko, provided a variety of different textures.

Ebi Mentaiko

The homemade tamago was soft and fluffy. It was also sweet, which was very refreshing. It went really well with the charred mentaiko sauce.

Homemade Tamago Mentai

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the dishes and they are priced reasonably for the amount of food that was given. The outlet is slightly small, which means that there may not be enough seating during peak hours, so it’s advisable to go early if you’re going for lunch or dinner.

Kei Kaisendon
Triple One Somerset

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