New Shake Shack outlet @ Neil Rd

Shake Shack (Neil Rd)

I happened to be along Neil Rd in January and came across a building with a large sign “Shake Shack” above it’s front door. That’s when I found out that they were opening a new outlet in February, and I set out to find a date to come back to try it out. Thus, the day has come and I finally had a taste of this popular burger chain. (Also, can we just take a moment to admire how beautiful the venue is at night?)

Shake Shack Interior

The interior was very spacious, with lots of seating area. There were many plants indoor, which added to the aesthetics. It was very well lit, without it being too overpowering, which really brought out the colours of the food. I loved that they decided to have a white interior, since it provides an illusion of a wider space with light reflecting off the walls, while providing a very simplistic appearance against the contrast of the green plants.

Our Shake Shack tray

As I have not eaten Shake Shack before, I really wanted to try every burger they had. So I decided to try the Shack Stack ($14.30), which was the combination of their Shack Cheeseburger and their ‘Shroom Burger. Talk about killing two birds with one burger!

Shake Stack

I really enjoyed the burger. It was stacked, but I didn’t have any trouble fitting it into my mouth. Having a first glance of the Shack Stack, I couldn’t help but notice how fresh and vibrant the brightly coloured vegetables were. It was so different from other burgers I had, which were usually a little dull in colour and drowned in sauce.

In the center was the crisp-fried portobello mushroom which was filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese! The warm melted cheese oozed out after my first bite, which was very satisfying. The portobello mushroom also retained its moist, chewy texture. Below was the beef patty and another layer of cheese. The beef itself was a little salty, but the cheese really helped to balance out the saltiness.

The buns were super fluffy and I was so glad to see that it wasn’t flattened down like other burgers I’ve had.

Pouring the cheese on the fries

And of course you can’t have a burger without having freshly made french fries! We decided to go for the cheese fries ($5.90) and have the cheese served on the side. The melted cheese was thick and had a smooth consistency throughout. It was amazing watching the cheese flow down onto the fries. It was somewhat therapeutic.

Cheese Fries

At first I thought it would be similar to Nacho Cheese since it had the same thickness. However, I was pleasantly surprised by its milky taste. It was kind of like the sliced cheese that you would get from the supermarket. It wasn’t too salty and went very well with the crispy french fries.

Pandan Shake

As for the drinks, I ordered the “Singapore Exclusive” Pandan Shake ($7.80). It is made using vanilla custard blended with pandan and coconut, topped with gula melaka crumble. This kind of reminded me of Ondeh Ondeh but in the form of a beverage. I recommend trying this exclusive drink out, but I would suggest sharing this with one or two others as it might be a little heavy.

If you are planning to dine here during lunch or dinner, do come in earlier than the usual crowd. This is because the place will be packed with people standing around the outlet waiting for someone to vacant their table. In addition to that, you would have to queue to order and wait for your order to be called.

Overall, I had an amazing experience at Shake Shacks, albeit the slightly high prices. The price really does reflect the quality of the ingredients used for their food.

Shake Shack (Neil Rd)
89 Neil Rd, #01-01,
Singapore 088849
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm (Sun-Thur), 11am – 12am (Fri-Sat)

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