I’m back! And so is Wagyu Bites!

I just got back from Melbourne two weeks ago and have completed my Stay Home Notice successfully. Along with that, I had the pleasure of attending the soft launch of Wagyu Bites which will be opening their doors to the public tomorrow, 17th August.

The idea behind Wagyu Bites was to provide customers a more affordable way to treat themselves to 100% pure-blood black A4 Japanese Wagyu Beef flown in from Japan, in the form of burgers. Located along the scenic Boat Quay, you can drop by after taking a stroll, or for supper along with a couple glasses of sake!

Wagyu Bites Cheese Burger

We tried a number of their signature burgers including the Cheese Burger ($16), Teriyaki Cheese Burger ($16), Jo Karubi Foie Gras Cheese Burger ($28) and Roast Beef Cheese Burger ($18).

Roast Beef Cheese Burger

The burgers were packed with a thick, juicy Wagyu beef patty that was oozing with flavour. Upon entering your mouth, the tender meat dissolves and melts within seconds. They were encased in between two of the fluffiest wholegrain burger buns. Slightly charred on the bottom, you would not even know that these were wholegrain at all! The bottom buns also had a thin layer of yuzu sauce, providing a hint of citrus with every bite.

Cheese Burger (left), Teriyaki Beef Cheese Burger (Right)

If you are feeling a little fancy, you would definitely want to try out the Jo Karubi Foie Gras Burger. It will be worth every penny!

Jo Karubi Foie Gras Cheese Burger

Is having just a burger not enough? Not to worry my friend, Wagyu Bites also offers a variety of sides that would compliment your burger. For only just an additional $6, you can order one side dish plus a soft drink, or $10 to get a side dish, salad and soft drink!

French Fries

Crispy golden fries, sprinkled with Japanese Okinawa Salt, paired with Mentaiko and Nori-infused tartar sauce, they are the perfect companion for any burger! If you are a massive onion ring fan like I am, you might want to get your hands on these massive cupcake-sized onion rings!

Onion Ring

To view more pictures, be sure to check out my Instagram here!

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