Early Bird Promotion: Polar x The Tea Story Mooncake Collaboration

The Mid-Autumn Festival is less than a month away and businesses are making preparations to provide mooncakes for the masses! One of them is Polar Puffs & Cakes.

Polar Puffs Singapore is collaborating with The Tea Story to provide provide exotic fruit teas to pair with your moon cakes. By adding $10.50, you get to enjoy this super fragrant tea which would definitely elevate any mooncake experience! ⠀

I had the opportunity to try their 6 pc Snowskin Mooncake set which included flavours such as Durian (Yellow), Dark Chocolate (Dark Brown), Cranberry Rose (Pink), Pure Lotus (Green), Lychee (Beige) and Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Brown).

Along with the mooncakes, I also received the Melon Sorbet fruit tea from The Tea Story. The tea was very fragrant and had a sweet, fruity scent. The taste was mild, but was refreshing and went very well when paired with the sweet, flavourful mooncakes.

From now till 20 September, you can enjoy Polar’s Early Bird Promotion which provides a 25% discount for your purchases!

For more information regarding bundles and prices, click here! Or you can visit their Instagram accounts: Polar Puffs and Cakes and The Tea Story.

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