Singapore’s Durian Paradise: DurianBB

DurianBB officially launches its first café and concept store yesterday selling all things durian! Ranging from carefully crafted gourmet desserts made from the freshest Maoshan Wang durian curated from their farm in Raub, Pahang, to durian platters, snacks and even their very own merchandise like plushies and wet wipes!

DurianBB Cheesecakes
“Mousetrap” No-bake MSW Cheesecake (Front), “Boom” MSW Mousse Cake (Middle), “I’m Burnt” St. Sebastian Cheesecake (Back)

We got to try three different Maoshan Wang (MSW) cakes that they offer. The first was the “Mousetrap” No-bake MSW Cheesecake, which was crafted to resemble a Swiss Cheese straight out from a comic book. Its outer layer created using white chocolate, and filled with a combination of cheese and lemon zest infused durian purée, you can expect a creamy and slightly tangy durian treat!

DurianBB Mousetrap No-Bake MSW Cheesecake
“Mousetrap” No-Bake MSW Cheesecake

Their most iconic dessert is the “Boom” MSW Mousse Cake. Resembling an actual durian, it as created by combining Maoshan Wang durian and fresh cream, has a velvety durian purée centre and coated in a layer of white chocolate painted green! This cake has a stronger durian flavour and was definitely my favourite out of the three cakes.

DurianBB Boom MSW Mousse Cake
“Boom” MSW Mousse Cake

If you enjoy basque cheesecakes, you might also want to try their “I’m Burnt” St. Sebastian Cheesecake, which is their very own take on the trendy Burnt Basque Cheesecake, filled with durian purée!

"I'm Burnt" St. Sebastian Cheesecake
“I’m Burnt” St. Sebastian Cheesecake

We also tried the “On De Ball” Ondeh Ondeh, which is traditional glutinous rice flour pastry covered with coconut shavings, filled with durian purée and gula melaka that oozes out the moment you cut into it. The addition of berries, cookie crumbs and coconut purée adds a sour-tangy twist and additional texture to the dessert.

"On De Ball" Ondeh Ondeh
“On De Ball” Ondeh Ondeh
Durian Ondeh Ondeh Close-up
Durian Ondeh Ondeh Close-up
Durian Ondeh Ondeh Filling
Durian Ondeh Ondeh Filling

Finally, we got to try two of the beverages that they offer. The first one bring their most popular drink: Soursop Peach Soda with Lychee Bursters. It even included a little glass of coloured sugar syrup (yes I asked if this was like blueberry syrup but it’s just coloured regular syrup) to add a pop of colour to your drink!

Soursop Peach Soda with Lychee Bursters
Soursop Peach Soda with Lychee Bursters

The second drink was the Raspberry Lemonade Soda which was described by my friend as berrylicious, minty and refreshing!

Raspberry Lemonade Soda
Raspberry Lemonade Soda

So to all my durian loving friends, now is a great time to grab all your kakis and head on down to DurianBB located along Crawford Lane (Probably just a 5-10min walk from Lavendar MRT). You would 100% vibe with this place. Who knows? This might be your regular hangout spot!

For more information about DurianBB, you can check out their website:

462 Crawford Ln, #01-65, Singapore 190462
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 1pm – 10pm

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