Polar Puffs Tokidoki Flash Sale & Christmas Earlybird Special

That’s right. Polar Puffs & Cake’s popular Tokidoki cakes are back! From 23 till 25 November you can enjoy more than 30% off selected Tokidoki cakes. They sent me a couple of their Tokidoki Strawberry Almond Dacquoise Donuts to try.

Tokidoki Polar Puffs Strawberry Almond Dacquoise Donut
Tokidoki Strawberry Almond Dacquoise Donuts

Soft and moist on the inside, it’s coated with a layer of sweet glazed strawberry cream and topped with rainbow sprinkles! A cute and delicious sweet treat, it’s perfect for both children and adults.

Polar Puffs Tokidoki Strawberry Almond Dacquoise Donut

Besides the Tokidoki cakes, Polar Puffs have also released their Christmas 2020 collection! I received the “Star Aglow” carrot cake, “The Enchanted Woodland” log cake and two slices of their rustic pear tarts.

Polar Puffs Christmas Cakes
Polar Puffs & Cakes Christmas Cakes
Polar Puffs Star Aglow Chrismas Cake
Polar Puffs & Cakes Star Aglow ($38.90)

The Star Aglow is carrot cake baked with fresh shredded carrots and walnuts, topped with candied lemon slices.

Polar Puffs The Enchanted Woodland Christmas Log Cake
Polar Puffs & Cakes The Enchanted Woodland ($43.90 Regular, $53.90 Large)

The Enchanted Woodland consists of moist chocolate sponge hand rolled with rich hazelnut cream and crisp feuilletine.

Polar Puffs Rustic Pear Tarts
Polar Puffs & Cakes Rustic Pear Tart ($48.90 whole)

If you’re looking for something more fruity, the Rustic Pear Tart is baked with juicy sliced pears in a luscious almond pastry cream. You can also serve it warm with ice cream, sibei shiok!

Enjoy 25% off with Polar’s Early Bird Special for purchases made between 19 Nov to 13 Dec. Polaris Members can also enjoy 15% off purchases made between 14 Dec to 25 Dec! For more information and if you are interested to try these cakes for yourself, be sure to visit: https://polarpuffs-cakes.com/

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